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Fall 2019 Korea Tour

immersive tea and culinary tour

2024 Tea & Culinary Tours
 Spring & Fall

*Interested for Fall 2023?
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Custom Tour!

immersive tea and culinary tour

Tea has been an integral part of Korean life and culture, steeped in 2,000 years of rich history, tradition and philosophy. Despite being one of the earliest tea-originating countries, Korea's tea and tea culture have remained largely unknown to the western world, especially in comparison to its neighboring countries. Whether you are a seasoned tea professional or are just beginning your tea journey, this 8-day immersive tour should not be missed.


Our Korea Tea & Culinary Tour is curated and led by Korea's Tea Ambassador Yoon Hee Kim - a pioneer recognized for introducing Korea's tea and tea culture to American tea professionals and tea enthusiasts worldwide. Full 8, or 11-day immersive tours, will be offered for both Spring and Fall of 2024. Exact dates and Registration will be available in early Fall 2023. 


Discover rare, authentic gems as you learn about the rich history and culture of Korea with an intimate group of fellow tea and food enthusiasts.  Although the tour will include visits to historical and cultural sites as they relate to tea studies, this is an educational & tea sourcing journey and not a sightseeing tour.


If interested in arranging a special custom tour for 2023, or wish to hold a spot for a 2024 tour,  please contact us.

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