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Welcome to TeaClassics


TeaClassics was founded for the purpose of connecting the world through the gentle practice of tea. In each gathering, Yoon Hee shares the history and evolution of the tea cultures of Asia and Europe. A lifelong student of the Way of Tea, she is dedicated to sharing her love of this special beverage through the ancient practices of Chinese gong fu tea service, Japanese tea arts, and the Korean tea ceremony.

Our Mission
A Quick Overview

Our menu of cooking and tea education services includes but is not limited to a wide variety of tea classes, traditional Korean regional cuisines, tea snacks, and tea tastings. 

Our scheduled cooking and tea classes can be accessed through our calendar of events.

Our private and corporate courses and events include:

- Tea education, both lectures & interactive sessions

- Korean tea ceremony

- Korean traditional & temple cuisine cooking classes and series

​We also offer custom food & tea events, and origin tours. 

We will travel near & far, offering mobile tea service & programs. Please inquire!

Los Angeles, CA, USA / Boseong, South Korea / New York, NY, USA 

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